Episode 6 of the CUNY Games Network Vlog (Carolyn Stallard)

Ramp up for the CUNY Games Conference next week by joining us for episode six of the CUNY Games Network Gamecasting Video Blog! In this episode, Robert Duncan interviews Carolyn Stallard about how she infuses game-based learning into the music classroom, music as a game, and being creative in the classroom.

Carolyn Stallard, a doctoral candidate at the CUNY Graduate Center, is one of the newest members of the CUNY Games Network. As a grad student, Carolyn has already been integrating game-based learning into her classroom, and she has many great ideas for beginners and experts alike. Her research interests include music and deafness, music and video games, sea chanteys, the vibraphone (past and present), jazz history, and music education. Carolyn is also active as a freelance percussionist, music educator, event planner, and athlete.

Watch the episode here