Back from Camp

Last weekend several members of the CUNY Games Network traveled to the University of Maryland to THATCamp Games, a game-flavored version of the humanities and technology unconference. We had a great time facilitating a session of our “What’s Your Game Plan?” educational game brainstorming game at a BootCamp on Friday and attending the unconference sessions on Saturday. We even had time for a bit of gaming, too.

Check out the THATCamp Games website for details on all of the BootCamp and unconference sessions, including links to the archived Twitter feed and a shared, public Google Docs folder with collaborative notes. Many thanks again to organizers Anastasia Salter and Amanda Visconti — we had a fantastic time and were definitely happy campers.

(Photo by me: during the Sunday morning game session I started learning to play Gloom. I found the stackable transparent cards feature to be quite fetching.)

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