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Games in Education: September issue of NITLE’s Transformations

302394_300 NITLE, the National Institute for Technology in Liberal Education, has started a new platform called Transformations for articles and case studies of pedagogy and technology. The September 2013 issue of Transformations is on Games in Education, and features five great articles on incorporating games into higher education, as well as two interviews: one with Anastasia Salter of the University of Baltimore (and plenary panelist at the CUNY Games Festival on January 17, 2014!), and the other with CUNY Games Network member and City Tech library faculty member Maura Smale. The entire issue is fantastic, so do check it out!

A Game for Evaluating Internet Sources

Games Network member Maura Smale (that’s me!) just published Get in the Game: Developing an Information Literacy Classroom Game in the latest issue of the Journal of Library Innovation. In the article I describe the process of creating a game to help undergraduates learn how to evaluate websites so they can find credible and reliable information for use in their coursework.

The inspiration for this game came from a CUNY Games Network meeting a couple of years ago, and I’m very grateful to my colleagues in the Games Network for continuing to inspire me to keep planning and making games for information literacy and library instruction. Thanks, everyone!

Image by Joe Schlabotnik

“Learning Through Quests and Contests: Games in Information Literacy Instruction”

Games Network member Maura Smale (I’m her!) just published an article about using games in information literacy and research instruction in the latest issue of the Journal of Library Innovation. The article reviews the ways that games-based learning has been used to teach information literacy in a variety of settings, from digital to non-digital games, in classrooms and online, and discusses benefits of games-based learning in library instruction for students and librarians. JOLI is an open access journal, and if you’re interested you can read the article on the journal’s website.

Image credit: Ewa Rozkosz