“First Fridays” series starts on Friday, April 1st from 12-1 PM EDT. 

The CUNY Games Network is launching a new mini series!

Join us for the kickoff of our “First Fridays” series on Friday, April 1st from 12-1 PM EDT. Meet on Zoom for an idea exchange around the topic “Bring What’s Broken.”
An “Idea Exchange” is an opportunity to brainstorm with others around a topic related to game-based learning. Anyone is welcome to share things that are not working in your course, bring ideas for how you’ve “fixed” an activity using GBL, or just observe and be part of the conversation. This series is participant-driven; rather than presenting a formal workshop, we provide the space and opportunity for CGN members to meet and brainstorm around game-based learning ideas, offering support as needed.
Hope you’ll be able to join us! No, this is not an April 1st prank. :)

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  1. This is no joke. If you are having trouble accessing the meeting, we’re not playing a prank on you. For some reason, the Zoom access code is not allowing people to enter. Email the email on the invitation you received after registration if you’re having trouble.

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