Introducing CUNY Games Network Gamecasting!

We’re thrilled to announce a new video series here at the CUNY Games Network! We’ve created a YouTube channel to host our newest initiative: “gamecasting” episodes to share insights and initiatives about game-based learning at CUNY and beyond. This channel features full-length interviews with domain experts in game-based learning, edited videos on special topics, live playtesting sessions, and more.

Our first 2 videos are available now:

– An interview with BMCC professor Kathleen Offenholley about her NSF grant to put math games in the classroom

– An interview with BMCC professor and CUNY Games Network cofounder Joe Bisz about how he got started in game-based learning and best-practices for including tabletop games in the classroom.

We’ll release a new video every 2 weeks on Mondays. Please subscribe on our YouTube page or check back here for new releases!

Photo by Patrick Breitenbach.