Participants at the 2020 CUNY Games Conference designing a game.

Save the Date: CUNY Games Conference 2021

Hello everyone,

We hope you are well. 2020 has thrown some curveballs, but that will not stop the CUNY Games Network from hosting its annual conference in January 2021. Please see below for details. Stay healthy, enjoy the holidays, and we hope to see you online on January 22nd.


The CUNY Games Network of the City University of New York is excited to announce The CUNY Games Conference 7.0, to be held fully online (and for free) Friday, January 22, 2021.

Rather than presentations, this time the conference will consist of idea exchange sessions held in breakout rooms and a handful of organizer-led workshops. The sessions will discuss interactive learning techniques, playful learning, design challenges, with a likely focus on how to adapt our best in-person activities for the online classroom. Therefore, no attendees will need to prepare a presentation—just be ready to listen and contribute your unique knowledge! The next day (Saturday) we will likely reserve to play together online tabletop and digital games and debrief their learning potential.

The CUNY Games Network promotes game-based pedagogies in higher education, focusing particularly on non-digital learning activities faculty can use in the classroom every day. We aim to bring together all stakeholders: faculty, researchers, graduate and undergraduate students, and game designers. Both CUNY and non-CUNY participation is welcome—and completely free of charge.

Stay tuned for our schedule and more information.

Participants at the 2020 CUNY Games Conference designing a game.