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Guest Blogger: Carolyn Stallard – On Modding

This week the CGN blog features Carolyn Stallard, adjunct instructor in the Music Department at Brooklyn College and member of the CUNY Games Network’s steering committee.

This past October, Carolyn presented an example of modding at the CUNY Graduate Center’s 9th Annual Pedagogy Day, organized by  the Psychology Department and the Graduate Student Teacher Association (GSTA). Visit the GSTA website to read her blog entry and learn more: https://teachpsych.org/page-1784686/6956917

If modding is interesting to you, consider attending the upcoming CUNY Games Conference and a full workshop on modding presented by Carolyn Stallard and Joe Bisz. Learn more and register for the conference here. 

If you are a graduate student teaching at CUNY, the GSTA is a great resource (and a supporter of the CGN). To learn more about the GSTA, follow their Twitter here or join their Facebook group here. 

Are you interested in being featured on the CGN website? If so, submit a blog post on any topic related to GBL in higher ed., and/or send links/descriptions of your blogs to contactcunygames@gmail.com. Stay tuned for another guest contribution next week.