iCivics: Sandra Day O’Connor’s Vision for Citizenship

iCivics is the suite of games Sandra Day O’Connor, working with James Gee, has sponsored in order to try and inspire a generation of students about how America works. It’s one of the most high-profile educational games out there, and one that therefore bears careful scrutiny as a model.

So I would like to put out a call to CUNY Game Networks members: follow the link above, play a few of the games, and tell us what you think in the comments section.

I have a few ideas of my own, but I’ll keep mum for now. For now….

For Crown or Colony?: The Revolutionary War, Your Way

Leah Potter has served as educational and historical consultant for Mission U.S., a series of games meant to teach middle-school students about American history. The first episode, “For Crown or Colony?” is now live and ready to play. Early reviews are favorable, including this one from storied game designer Greg Costikyan at Play This Thing!, where the byline says it all: “It sucketh not”!

Educators coming together to explore how the principles of games promote learning

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