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University of Pennsylvania offering online course in gamification

Ken Werbach, associate professor of legal studies and business ethics at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, is offering a free online course on gamification. The course examines the use of digital game design to solve business problems. He provides dozens of examples of companies using game elements to promote customer-engagement, enhance employee-productivity, encourage sustainable behaviour change in areas such as health and wellness, and create a better environment in the workplace. Anyone can register for free at coursera.org/course/gamification.


University of Pennsylvania offering online course in gamification – Times Of India.

Gabe Zichermann: Rethinking Elections With Gamification

In the run-up to the 2012 election, various candidates approached me and my design firm Dopamine to discuss how gamification could be used to help them get elected. Although we ultimately lacked the time to do anything tangible, this year saw a number of gamified models used to drive success at the ballot box. These included consumer mini-games and volunteer “loyalty programs,” just to name a few.

Using gamification in this way — to sway consumer and employee opinion — is the principal discussion at events like 2013’s GSummit, and a major part of what our burgeoning industry works on. One area we haven’t had a chance to address yet is gamifying the electoral process itself — particularly voter turnout.

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The War Will Be Gamified: Israel, Hamas in Social Media Struggle

In addition to waging an unprecedented war of words with Hamas on Twitter over its escalating conflict in Gaza, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) has introduced “game dynamics” on its war blog.

These “gamification” features, normally the province of social networking services like Foursquare and Facebook, allow visitors to the IDF’s blog to rack up “points” for repeat visits or numerous tweets, as the blog tracks the progress of Israel’s escalating conflict with al-Qassam, the military wing of Hamas. Jon Mitchell, a writer for the tech blog Readwrite who first noticed the IDF’s gamification features, noted that while they have been live since July, “promoting it on the front page during this military campaign is beyond crass.”

“Innocent people are dying on all sides, and the IDF wants to reward people for tweeting about it,” Mitchell added. “It makes me sick.”

via The War Will Be Gamified: Israel, Hamas in Social Media Struggle | TIME.com.