Columbia University Announces Scholarship for Language Games

Teachers College at Columbia University announces a game design contest to assist second language learners with English. Winners take home $1000 in prize money and an opportunity to receive $16,000 in start-up funds for their game. Winners partner with faculty at Teachers College to learn and build games in their labs.

Applications due April 7th, 2013!

“Want to make the next great educational game? Are you good at programming, design, or have great ideas? Partner with the Games Research Lab at Teachers College, Columbia University to create an online educational game (online game or mobile app) that teaches English vocabulary for non-native learners (SAT, TOEFL, GRE, etc.)!

You could win $1000 in prize money plus up to $16,000 to develop the game! Our game lab experts will team up with you and help your game become successful!”


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