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Kinect Math and English Games

These Kinect video games were submitted by David Renton of Reid Kerr College in the UK. Games are available at http://games4learning.co.uk/

Subject Area and Learning Outcomes
Math and English. Games use multi-sensory active methodology to consolidate learning in the areas of Math and English.

Kinect Games include 4 separate games, all are one or two player. They make use of the Kinect sensor to capture motion from the players. Kinect Angles reviews Angles, Compass Bearings, Percentages and fractions by measuring the angle between the players elbow and wrist and drawing this on the screen. The game will prompt them for a certain angle or fraction and the closer they get to it the more points they get. Kinect Time is the same principal for telling time. Math Mage and Word Mage use fruit ninja style gameplay with the players waving their arms to cut through the correct answers. Math Mage reviews numbers such as odd, even, prime and multiples of 3 to 12. Word Mage reviews Nouns, Verbs, Adverbs and Adjectives.

Full installer can be found on http://games4learning.co.uk/. Games run on Windows 7/8 PC connected to a Kinect for Windows or XBOX360 Kinect device.

Pre-game it would be good to go over the learning objectives that will be consolidated through the gameplay.

Rules of Play
Player with highest score wins. Games have a time limit. Players achieve points for getting closest to the answer or by swiping through the most correct answers.

Sample Turn
Kinect Angles: Game will for example display 85 degrees on the screen. Both players move their arms and they see themselves on the screen drawing an angle. Once they think they have it correct they hold up their other arm. The game shows them how close they came and assigns points based on performance.

How this game works in class
The games can be played in pairs, while the class watches. Usually the whole class becomes involved and they encourage the players.

Post-Game Discussion/Assessment
Discussion afterwards of performance and the areas students struggled with.

Learning community explores how to use video game design in classrooms

Video games might usually be considered a mindless distraction from schoolwork, but one learning community at the University of Ohio’s Bowling Green camps believes the exact opposite.

The one-year-old learning community, called “applying principles of video game design to improve student learning,” aims to do just that: use the philosophies of video games to better the classroom experience.

via Learning community explores how to use video game design in classrooms – The BG News: Campus: learning community explores how to use video game design in classrooms to entice students, eric lagatta, bgsu, tim brackenbury, john folkins.

Grant funds game systems for schools

CHARLESTON, W.Va. – State officials have spent $90,000 on 286 new video game systems in the hope the machines can be used to motivate 21st century schoolchildren to exercise.

The state Department of Health and Human Resources provided the grant to the state Department of Education to purchase new Xbox 360 Kinect systems, said Melanie Purkey, director of the education department’s Office for Healthy Schools.

The systems will be used to help bolster physical education and health classes throughout the state, Purkey said. Players use their own body movement to control the video games, a method Purkey and others believe can help improve student health.

“It all adds up to more minutes of physical activity,” she said.

Grant funds game systems for schools  – News – Charleston Daily Mail – West Virginia News and Sports –.