May 13, 2015


Simulating Utopia: Critical Simulation and the Teaching of Utopia

Simulating Utopia: Critical Simulation and the Teaching of Utopia, a new article by CUNY Games Network co-founder Francesco Crocco, was just released in the Journal of Interactive Technology and Pedagogy, an open-source, online journal. The article theorizes a new approach to simulation-based pedagogies that emphasizes critical thinking and interactive design. It models this approach for teaching a […]

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April 29, 2015

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This Fri 5/1: Analyzing Social Justice Strategies that Address Gamergate

This Friday, May 1, Dr. Lisa Nakamura will be visiting LaGuardia Community College to present on “Gamergate” and issues related to racism and sexism in game culture. * Presenter: Dr. Lisa Nakamura, University of Michigan * Date/time: Friday 1st May, 10:30-11:30am * Title: “Racism, Sexism, and Gaming’s Cruel Optimism: Analyzing Social Justice Strategies that Address […]

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April 21, 2015

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Smart video games can assess kids better than standardized tests, a new book says

  Great piece from the Washington Post about a new book that discusses the attempt to replace standardized testing with video games that embed testing in the game.   Smart video games can assess kids better than standardized tests, a new book says – The Washington Post.

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April 11, 2015


CUNY Games Network Members Win NSF Grant!

The CUNY Games Network is delighted to share the news that Steering Committee members Kathleen Offenholley (Math) and Frank Crocco (English), as well as Ching Song Wei (Computer Information Systems), all faculty at BMCC, have won a major grant from the National Science Foundation. The $875,794 grant will fund the development of a game-based developmental […]

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March 1, 2015

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A great high school resource that could work well for college

ChangeGamer is a volunteer organization that specializes in finding existing digital games and creating teacher-ready curriculum for those games.  They have games sorted by theme (e.g. energy management, climate change, natural disasters, the environment, politics, economics, history and science), with student activities over 30 games.  See  

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January 27, 2015


CUNY Games Festival 2.0 Archives

Relive all of your favorite moments from the second annual CUNY Games Festival earlier this month! Over on our conference website we’ve storified the tweets from our CUNY Games Festival #cg2015 hashtag, and uploaded photos from the conference to our flickr account. And we’re adding links to slide decks from the presentations, posters, and game […]

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January 10, 2015


Counting Down to the CUNY Games Festival

Six more days! Just 6 days until the CUNY Games Festival 2.0: a Conference of Game-based Learning in Higher Education. Six days until the panels, presentations, posters, and game demos arrive at the CUNY Graduate Center in Midtown Manhattan. Are you excited? We’re excited! We’re pleased to be able to keep our ticket sales open […]

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