Games In Education Could Help Students Learn By Failing

Using games in education can make learning more interesting and fun, but they also serve another purpose that is perhaps even more important–games teach us that it’s okay to fail.

If you think about it, failure is an essential part of learning and growing, yet in so many educational environments failure is discouraged. In this commencement speech, educational games designer Randall Fujimoto spoke about the importance of failure and how game-based learning helps students learn through failure.

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1 thought on “Games In Education Could Help Students Learn By Failing”

  1. What a great article Francesco. Children today seem to be under a great deal of stress to achieve more than in previous generations. When I was growing up you could do anything and be anything you wanted. Today students feel the pressure to be at the top of their class in order to have a chance in their chosen profession.

    This leaves little chance for children to fail, and that’s a sad, sad situation.

    As a piano and a teacher I work with high achieving children on a daily basis. Music is often where they can be less than perfect and even to fail. The skills children learn in music can carry them far in the real world.

    I really appreciate reading your post Francesco and would like to pass it on to my friends and colleagues. We all need the reminder that it’s okay to fail, as a teacher, a parent, or a student.

    Thanks again for a great Blog.

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