Serious Games And The Future Of Education

“Are serious games the classroom tool of the future? Is the future already here?  The tablet classroom may have once been the stuff of science fiction, but modern developments in technology and brain science may have come together to create a massive change in the way we think about education.”

via Serious Games And The Future Of Education – Forbes.

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  1. Regarding the use of video games as an educational aid I would like to quote from a recent article of mine regarding Video Games Violence
    “It has been demonstrated that action gamers are more mindful of their environment and are capable of focusing concisely on any given task without being affected by on-going distractions around them. In the rehabilitation of stroke survivors, video games have assisted them in regaining functionality in both arms and hands, generating marked improvement in their motor skills”.
    These same aspects do indeed contribute in students learning abilities and show an area that should be further explored.

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