Play a Game, Make a Game

I’m happy to share an article I wrote that’s just been published in the Journal of Creative Library Practice: Play a Game, Make a Game: Getting Creative with Professional Development for Library Instruction. In this article I discuss the development of a brainstorming card game for creating games to teach information literacy competencies. Please read and share widely!

Here’s the article abstract:

Using games in the library classroom is an active learning strategy that can increase student engagement. However, not all librarians are equally familiar and comfortable with bringing game-based learning to the library. Game On for Information Literacy is a brainstorming card game to help librarians create games for information literacy and library instruction. Inspired by other successful brainstorming card games, this game was developed, playtested, and iterated over several years in workshops, graduate-level MLIS courses, and professional development programs. Game materials are all available to download, use, remix, and share.

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